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The room became a who's who of the investors. Prominent financiers like Li Jin, Anthony Pompliano, and Clubhouse cofounder Paul Davison all made an appearance.
When that was over, I headed to a room called NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys. There, I listened to college students playing a dating game in which contestants were given 30 seconds of stage time to try to seduce someone else in the audience.
A pandemic Valentine’s Day is depressing enough without being rejected by strangers late at night on Clubhouse. Yet, in one “shoot your shot” room, in which users try to win a date on the audio platform, that’s exactly what happened.
The mixture of giddy vulnerability and sharp improv can be an intoxicant, a solid replacement for the kind you’d normally be purchasing throughout a barhopping evening.
In the month and a half since its founding, the group counts Logan Paul, Diplo, and BJ Novak as avid listeners and once gave out roughly $36,000 in Bitcoin (.65 Bitcoin to be exact) to a “shooter” with a stellar pitch.
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