nyu girls roast tech guys

nyu girls roast tech guys

Jun 6, 2021
NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys: June 6, 2021
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Hello gremlins,

It's Sunday and NYC is back (read: we're hungover). Read below to find out what happened this week or whatever.

👶 What’s new

  • We are hosting a ping pong speed dating tournament at SPIN in New York this Wednesday, June 9th. It's only going to be the hottest event of the year. DM us on social to inquire about reserving a spot on the bracket. But... if you can't make it, don't panic, we will be hosting more events.

⌛️What Happened

Tuesday → We had the wonderful, witty, and hilarious Leah Lamarr on our Clubhouse show and naturally had a great time roasting people and helping a few find love.

🔜 What's Coming

  • NYU Girls Roasting USC Bros? (We all know they deserve it)
  • A fun surprise in the form of things you can stay warm with, keep the sun out of your eyes with, and hold your favorite beverage in...yes its merch. Start saving up 😘
  • EVEN MORE live events in NYC (and surrounding areas). Stay tuned for more info...

📚Recommendations (no these are not all new things - we're busy)

  • TV: Mare of Easttown (Mallika thinks this is the best show she's ever seen)
  • Movie: Bo Burnham: Inside
  • Book: Queenie, Candice Carty-Williams
  • Music: Maggot Brain, Funkadelic

💝Dating tip of the week

This might be a hot take but please: don't ask what someone is looking for before you ever meet them. How do you know what you want before you've met? If you only want something casual for specific reasons you should absolutely voice that but don't put you and the person you're talking to in a box before you actually get to know each other. Does this make sense? I think this makes sense.

📊Dating trend of the week

Let's explore the slow reveal of one's significant other on social media. First a hand in the corner of a story of a dinner table, then maybe their voice in the background of a video, and finally a picture of the two from behind. There's usually about a month of this before the S.O. is finally revealed. Unfortunately we have no answers for this phenomenon. Do people think their followers can't handle the new information of a relationship along with their new partner's face? I don't get it. Please reply if you're one of these people and you have a reason <3

That is all.

Happy Sunday friends, Happy Pride - go kiss someone. See everyone on Tuesday at 10 PM ET on Clubhouse and a lucky few of you on Wednesday at SPIN 🏓.


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